posted 06.18.16
Farewell Old Friend
It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of Bill Earley. Bill played bass for CTRL from 1997-2000. He was character, a rogue, a comrade, a prankster, and more importantly my childhood friend from the age of 5. I have too many memories of the boy, the teen, the musician, the man to recount them all. Sadly the only recordings I have of his unique bass talent are on the under-produced first album "Secure the Shadow". There is a hole in the universe now that he is gone. You will be missed my brother.

Brad MacAllister

posted 09.15.15
I Must Remember Released
The 8th full-length record from CTRL is now ready for consumption on "BANDCAMP"

posted 08.24.15
I Must Remember
CTRL will be releasing a new 11 track album titled "I Must Remember" on 09.15.2015. release details TBA closer to the date.

posted 03.28.15
New Album on the horizon
The lads are back. This time they left the sequencers behind. Hear the new song
"Excise Two" on "YOUTUBE"

divergent options open

posted 03.25.14
-->CTRL<-- will be performing an impromptu set with Brian Pearson(Low Technicians) on Thursday March 27th at Elysium nightclub in Austin Texas. CTRL stagetime is 9pm
you can't stop the signal

posted 08.06.13
-->CTRL<-- will be performing at the Empire Control Room & Garage in Austin Texas on Friday August 23rd. Stagetimes as follows:
12pm Texas Microphone Massacre
11pm Panjoma
10pm -->CTRL<--

you can't stop the signal

posted 05.28.13
Lose The Image
The 2004 release of "Lose The Image" is now available for streaming and purchase from the "CTRL BandCamp Page"

posted 05.11.13
CTRL Shows
Friday June 7th Elysium-Austin TX-Opening for Project Pitchfork and Aryia
Saturday June 8th @ Dean's on Main-Houston TX-With Cynergy 67 and PROVISION

posted 04.3.13
CTRL to perform at Convergence Festival
CTRL will be performing at "CONVERGENCE XIX" in Austin Texas.
CTRL will be playing with Lucid Dementia at Beerland (702 Red River-Austin Tx) on Thursday April 18th. CTRL goes onstage at 10pm.

posted 02.18.13
Digital Revolution Continued...
The new release "Fragmentary Moments" is now available on "iTUNES"

posted 02.13.13
Digital Revolution
CTRL is slowly releasing the majority of their catalog for digital consumption. Over the next several weeks the "CTRL BandCamp Page" will be updated with the full releases and singles. All formats will be supported.

posted 01.13.13
Fragmentary Moments Available on CDBaby.com
Physical Copies of the new CTRL record "Fragmentary Moments" are now available for purchase at the "CTRL CDBABY PAGE"

posted 12.13.12
Fragmentary Moments
The new CTRL record "Fragmentary Moments" will be available for streaming and purchase from the "CTRL BandCamp Page"

posted 11.11.12
Echo Over Voices
Brad from CTRL has been working for several months on a
project called "Echo Over Voices" A sample of the work can
be found at "EOV on Reverb Nation"

posted 11.02.12
New CTRL Record

Coming 12/13/12

posted 08.16.12
CTRL Opens for Covenant

CTRL will open for Covenant @ Elysium Nightclub in Austin Texas on Saturday September 1st. Joining CTRL onstage will be guitarist Brian Pearson(Low Technicians).





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